We are a property developer based in Cheadle UK, specialising in ethical, sustainable and commercial developments.


How We Work

Adaptability and opportunism are the chief characteristics of Y’s approach. The organisation is set up to respond to the many and varied ways that projects begin life – and to the way projects frequently can change. Some of our clients come with a design brief, others with construction requirements, and still others with a site to partner with in development.

What this leads to is partnerships of all kinds, using the power of working together to create a successful outcome for all involved.


Where We Work

We work across North Cheshire and the edge of Greater Manchester, giving us the expert knowledge of the market, the people and the council officials in the area. Furthermore, our regional focus reflects our commitment to the community where we are based meaning that we can achieve long term improvements in the quality of the places we work.


Attention To Detail

Y Developments source and specify the materials and products in every development we undertake. Our buying power as developers means that we can obtain the best products at the right price.

What this means is that the value of what you buy from Y goes from the overall plan down to the fine detail.